Misinformation and the distortion of history in

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“Because a lot of young kids are shy, or they don’t know anything is wrong with them, they oftentimes won’t speak up [about vision issues],” said Oscar Hernandez, executive director, Boys Girls Clubs of Whittier. “So they go the rest of their life feeling a little different. As they continue to grow through school, they continue to fall further and further behind.”.

Frequently purchased as a graduation gift, Dr. Seuss the Places You Go! is taunting us, its singsong meter and rhyme piling on. It is a book about itchy feet and the wide open road. “I receive thank you notes from lesbian and gay couples, who have little children.”A son of scientists and a biochemist by education, Shainyan has always been interested in the idea of education as a key to freedom. Misinformation and the distortion of history in Russian propaganda annoy him. “Unfortunately, Russians do not know their own history: homophobia is only 300 years old.

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