The best track of the night though had to be her

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Years after that Yankees game, I would find myself sitting in a small conference room in Milwaukee interning for my dad (who co owns the Bucks). On this particular day, we were meeting with the representatives from the firm that handles the team retail merchandising to review inventory for the upcoming season. Like any good intern, I was there to take notes.

“Carlos Norman has been a community fixture and local business owner since 1993. Norman’s Cuttin’ Edge Barber Shop has been closed for business since the governor’s shut down order, and presently remains closed, in full compliance with the law and state regulations. Mr.

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In our neck of the Northern Maine woods, high school athletes are bearing the brunt of this. No baseball or softball being played. Tennis and lacrosse have been shelved for the season, and on the track, there may be people on it, but they are just walking or jogging for exercise (at a social distance of course)..

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